Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery (CR) as provided by Prairie Land’s International Program allows students to remediate skill gaps in courses they have not passed or that have lower than desirable results. Students can improve their school awarded mark for any course, and at the grade 12 level rewrite the provincial examination to improve their course mark. CR identifies students’ areas of strength, builds on these, and addresses areas of weakness through specific learning modules. CR allows students to keep their overall academic program on track while addressing gaps.

Prairie Land staff will assist potential students to determine their individual Credit Recovery pathway. Staff will recommend the necessary course modules so students can achieve course mastery and overall academic program success.

Prairie Land’s International Program Credit Recovery Fees are:

· $250.00 CAD per course

· $50.00 CAD Diploma Exam rewrite fee

Credit Recovery Summer Programs run throughout the year online as needed by students and as described here (hyperlink to CR section of website.) Prairie Land also offers an in-person summer version of the credit recovery program that runs from 4-6 weeks so that students can improve their marks on Alberta High School Courses that they have already taken in grades 10-12. The program can also focus on diploma examination preparedness for all students wishing to challenge a course or rewrite a particular diploma examination.

If you wish to register in one of Prairie Land's credit recovery programs, contact us using this form.. Please leave your name, email address, phone contact, grade and course mark you wish to improve.

Credit Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

Registered Credit Recovery Student

Once a student is registered in the Credit Recovery Program, the classroom teacher and student must complete the Credit Recovery Intake Form:

  1. Download and save the form to the local computer. If the form is simply opened in the browser, it may not be possible to fill it in online.

  2. Complete and save the form to the local computer.

  3. Email the completed form, along with the attached assignments and tests, to using the subject Submitting Completed Form.

  4. If no attached assignments or tests are included, email the form using the "Submit Form" button at the top of the form.

It is strongly recommended that Adobe Reader be used to complete the form, however other software may be used as well.