Residency Programs

Academic Graduation Program/Schools of Excellence Program

Prairie Land’s Academic Graduation Programs run for a duration of either one semester or a full academic school year of 10 months. These programs are aimed at providing students with an opportunity to study and live in Alberta, Canada, and complete either a half or full year of study that can lead to a full graduation program through Alberta Education. Through the Prairie Land academic graduation program, students are prepared to enroll in universities throughout Canada and the world with an Alberta Graduation Certificate that is valued and accepted by major universities worldwide. The Alberta graduation program is recognized for its rigour and its high standard of credibility verified by provincially administered Diploma Examinations. Prairie Land’s program focuses on results and high academic achievement. In addition, students may choose one of the Schools of Excellence Programs subject to availability.

Cultural Program

Prairie Land Cultural Programs provide international students with a 4-6 week program to explore Prairie Living in Western Canada while improving their English Language Learning. Students ages 13 through to 18 learn about life on the prairies in an agricultural setting, with excursions to an agricultural learning center where students will learn about animal husbandry and sustainable ranching. Students will explore the Alberta Badlands to study the home of the Dinosaurs, and they will enjoy opportunities to canoe and explore the natural landscape. They will experience an excursion to Banff and Jasper National Parks in the great Rocky Mountain Range and the Columbian Icefields. They will observe visible signs of the retreat of the ice due to global warming, and study ways to engage in sustainable living with a focus on agriculture. Time each day will be devoted to ESL instruction so that students can complete their journals and improve their writing skills.

Academic Summer Program

Prairie Land’s Academic summer programs run for a period of 4-6 weeks and are offered to international, national and local Alberta students. These programs focus on the areas of improvement that students wish to pursue. The focus is academic with a mix of English Second Language and some cultural exposure to the Great Canadian Prairies. The academic focus can be very subject specific in nature or it can be targeted to key areas of literacy and numeracy depending upon the wishes of the students and their families during registration.