Remote Learning

Whether they are living on the other side of the globe, in a large Canadian city or in a remote rural location, Prairie Land's extensive experience with providing quality synchronous and asynchronous remote learning can help students not only achieve their academic goals, but also exceed them. Following the Alberta curriculum, remote learning in Prairie Land means small class sizes facilitated and instructed by imaginative, experienced and dedicated professionals who genuinely care about the students they teach.

Prairie Land offers a number of choices for remote/online learning and exam preparation:

  • Diploma Examination Preparatory Camps
    Prairie Land School Division offers students the best Diploma Examination Preparatory Camps in Alberta. These camps consist of rigorous review and reteaching sessions for students committed to achieving high results on their Alberta Education Diploma Exams.

  • Credit Recovery - Grades 10 to 12
    Credit Recovery (CR) as provided by Prairie Land’s International Program allows students to remediate skill gaps in courses they have not passed or that have lower than desirable results. Students can improve their school awarded mark for any course, and at the grade 12 level rewrite the provincial examination.

  • Course Challenge
    If a student wishes to challenge an academic core course, they will need to fill in a course challenge questionnaire to assess their capacity to meet the learning outcomes for the course as defined in the program of studies for the course being challenged. If it appears that they have the necessary background, they will be assessed as per Alberta Education’s assessment standards for that course to ensure they have an acceptable level of mastery of the full range of course learning outcomes. If they achieve an acceptable result, they will be given a course challenge waiver which will serve as their pre-requisite for the next level of the course sequence (example: Social 10 waiver allows the student to enroll in Social Studies 20 along with his/her peers).

Course challenges should be reserved for the most academically advanced students who have engaged in successful prior learning of the course learning outcomes through a variety of school-based and self-study opportunities. Students with an interest in challenging a course should contact Prairie Land International using the General Inquiries form and select "Course Challenge" from the subject menu. Please indicate the course name in the message as well.

  • Prairie Land Online School - Grades 7 to 12
    Grade 7 to 9 students in Prairie Land Online School are part of a grade specific online learning group with an assigned online teacher. This learning format includes live online teacher instruction as well as directed activities and assignments that students will complete independently. Grade 9 to12 students follow the same timetable as students participating in in-person classes, and join in-person students in class through video-conferencing. This provides the opportunity for students to participate in the school experience from wherever they may be in the world.

  • Hope Christian School - Grades 4 to 12
    Hope Christian School’ s Online school offers teacher-taught Alberta Education accredited courses that have been specifically developed to express a Christian world view in English, Social Studies, Science, Biology and CALM 20. They offer all other teacher-taught courses both online or in a print mode. Individual courses are available.