Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Recovery FAQ

How many courses do you offer?

Alberta curriculum outlines both core and optional courses for students in each grade. We offer courses to students from grades 7-12, inclusive. All core courses are offered as well as a variety of optional courses.

For credit recovery we can work with the students to support them to complete or improve their marks in most approved Alberta courses that have significant written, oral, and digital components.

How frequently do courses begin and what times of the year are they offered?

Credit recovery usually runs beginning in September, February, and throughout the summer months, but there is flexibility in the start times depending on the student’s own schedules and each international school’s calendar year. We can work with you and your students to support a flexible entry into these courses.

Do you send an official transcript upon successful completion of the course?

An official course mark will be provided on a school transcript and the mark will be submitted to Alberta Education for all Alberta Internationally registered students through PASI. So yes, the student will receive a transcript of his/her mark. This transcript will be provided to the student’s resident school, so the student’s home school is kept informed of student progress.

What do synchronous and asynchronous courses look like? What does the course login look like?

Students will be provided course modules online. If your school uses a certain digital platform we can explore working with that platform. Prairie Land Schools use Google Classroom as an instructional format. Teachers will provide instruction through synchronous discussions with the student and they will also assign work asynchronously and communicate back and forth digitally as well. These components of instruction are flexible and will be worked out as the programs progress, so students are provided the support they need.

Do home schools have access to see a student's progress on the platform? Do parents?

Yes. Both parents and the school will have access to student progress through the access codes Prairie Land’s School will provide to schools and to the student’s parent.

Is Credit Recovery for entire courses or could it consist of a specific unit/standard that the student needs to re-do?

Students are required to do only those parts of the courses for credit recovery that they need to improve. We will work with their school to review their previous grades in the various course units and determine the amount of remediation required in-order for the student to raise their school marks and their diploma examination marks as applicable. Credit recovery is for students in grades 10-12.

If a student requires tutoring and support in grades, 7-9, we can work with the school to provide this additional support as well.

If students are out of rotation of their classroom peers in their local international school, can they take a course with Prairie Land School District while they are enrolled in our school?

Yes, Prairie Land will simply work with the student’s home school to complete any course they need in order to catch up with their peers as soon as reasonable should their local school not currently offer the needed course within their current course schedule.

Can students Challenge a course through Prairie Land School Division as per Alberta Education’s Course Challenge policies?

Yes. If a student wishes to challenge an academic core course, they will need to fill in a course challenge questionnaire to assess their capacity to meet the learning outcomes for the course as defined in the program of studies for the course being challenged. If it appears that they have the necessary background, they will be assessed as per Alberta Education’s assessment standards for that course to ensure they have an acceptable level of mastery of the full range of course learning outcomes. If they achieve an acceptable result, they will be given a course challenge waiver which will serve as their pre-requisite for the next level of the course sequence (example: Social 10 waiver allows the student to enroll in Social Studies 20 along with his/her peers).

Course challenges should be reserved for the most academically advanced students who have engaged in successful prior learning of the course learning outcomes through a variety of school-based and self-study opportunities.

Residency Programs FAQ

Is the application fee included in the tuition price or is it a separate fee?

It is a separate fee and non-refundable.

Can the application fee, excursions, tuition, and homestay fees be paid at the same time or do they need to be paid separately?

Upon completion of the application and payment of the application fee, a conditional letter of acceptance will be issued. Pursuant to payment of the remaining above fees, a letter of acceptance will be issued.

Is a study visa required by all students?

The student should decide at the time of application for how long they wish to apply. Once payment is received for that time period, a letter of acceptance is sent to the student which they can use to apply for a study permit. A study permit is required for students applying to study in Canada for over 6 months. For short single term programs or for summer programs, a student may be able to enter Canada without a study permit depending on the visit visa entry requirements for your country; however, a study permit is always recommended as students may decide to stay for an additional semester of studies after they get here.

If a student is applying for a full year can tuition be paid by semester? If so, what is the deadline, and is there any additional administration fee?

If a student is applying for a full year, they must pay full tuition costs at the time of application. A letter of acceptance is then issued for that time period.

When are application deadlines for first and second semester?

Students are advised to apply by April 30 for a September start and by November 30 for a February start.

Is there a Homestay program offered by Prairie Land School Division?

All international students require a Homestay while attending Prairie Land’s International Student Residency Programs and are provided by Prairie Land at the homestay rate specified in the fees section of this website.

Is the homestay fee paid monthly or in one lump sum?

All Homestay fees are collected in advance of a student’s letter of acceptance for study. An invoice for homestay fees will be issued once an application has been approved and the conditional letter of acceptance has been issued, following which time all homestay fees are required for the chosen duration of study, along with full payment of tuition fees.

What is the age of majority in the province of Alberta?

The age of majority in Alberta is 18.

In case of a minor, who assumes custodianship responsibilities? Program director or homestay parent?

Custodianship is available for students who participate in the Homestay and is assumed by Prairie Land’s international program coordinator in partnership with the homestay parent.

Is there any additional cost for airport pick-up or drop-off?

Airport pick-up and drop-off is provided by Prairie Land free of charge.

Is the student allowed to travel alone with parental and program permission?

For students in Prairie Land's Homestay Program, overnight stays outside the family home are subject to the approval of the homestay parents and/or the student's Canadian guardians. Out of town travel with persons other that homestay family members is subject to the approval of the homestay parents and/or the guardian(s).

Does the school arrange medical insurance?

No. Letters of acceptance are issued pursuant to proof of the student having secured their own privately arranged international healthcare insurance that covers health care costs in Alberta.

Can students choose which doctor they want to see? Do they have to pay upfront and then apply for reimbursement? What about expensive bills like for hospital treatment?

The student will be taken to the local clinic or hospital available to each rural community within Prairie Land’s International Program area. Students must ensure that their healthcare provider pays health insurance costs upfront, or the student will be required to pay at the time of treatment.

Can a custodian pay the health care fees on the student's behalf and then receive the reimbursement cheque from the insurance company?

Yes, the custodian may pay the fees on the student's behalf but must be sure that the receipt for payment of fees is made out to the payer and that the insured's name (student's name) is included on the receipt.

What age of student will you accept? Will you accept a student who has already graduated from high school?

Students must be under the age of 20 as of September 1 to be accepted into Prairie Land’s International Student Program. In some circumstance we would accept a student who has already graduated from high school.

Do you have an orientation week? If so what dates?

International student orientations are provided at the school of acceptance, and Prairie Land provides welcome orientations for students in Homestay. Prior to arrival in Calgary, students must follow the dates and steps outlined in their Welcome Letter.

What day do you prefer the students to arrive?

The arrival date for students is one week before the first day of classes and will be specified in the welcome letter.

Can students choose the classes they would like to take?

Each of Prairie Land’s schools offers core courses that all students take and a set of optional courses from which each student selects their preferred courses of study.

When will the students have vacations? Can you provide us with a school year calendar?

Holiday periods include a one week break in mid November, a two-week break at the end of December to the beginning of January, a one-week break in mid-March, a one week spring break typically in April, and a summer break during the months of July and August. You can access full school year calendars on the Prairie Land School Division website's About Us page.

Does the program arrange any extracurricular trips or outings?

Yes, the schools in collaboration with the international program coordinator organize excursions and field trips. These are also occasionally organized by Homestay families.

Does the program offer any camps or clinics in music, dance, sports (soccer, hockey, golf, etc.?)

Prairie Land offers the provincial curriculum which includes courses in biology, chemistry, English, mathematics, international languages, physics, social studies, computer technology as well as music, dance and art, and physical education. Schools of Excellence offer additional, specialized courses based on their focus.

Complementary activities available include basketball, cross country running, football, music, gymnastics, floor hockey, debate, volleyball, musical theatre and soccer.

What time does the school day begin / finish?

This varies with the school attended, but generally the day begins between 8:00 and 8:30 am, and finishes between 3:00 and 3:30 pm.

For students from Mexico, could the school district offer a Sept. to Dec. program allowing the students to write final exams in Dec. and/or give them a final mark they can revalidate so they can continue their studies in the second semester in January in Mexico?

In any Alberta school district including Prairie Land School Division, students need to complete course requirements to obtain credits - this process takes a minimum of 5 months.

Does the school offer help with the legalization process required by the home schools of Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican and Spanish students? If so, what help is offered? Is there any additional cost?

The validation of school report cards is by request. There is a $150 CAD charge for this service, which includes all legal, embassy, and courier fees.