J. C. Charyk
Outdoor Experiences

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

The outdoors is an integral part of life in Alberta's Special Areas. The Outdoor Experiences programming offered at J.C.Charyk School guides and encourages students to better understand and appreciate nature and all it has to offer. Outdoor education classes have been offered at JCC for 25 years and the program has evolved to reflect student interest and changing attitudes towards outdoor activities. Strong support from the board of trustees and school administration has allowed for the development of a wide-ranging number of classes and activities which encourage students to safely enjoy the outdoors.

A wide range of topics are covered over the course of the program. Material is delivered in a modified format to make best use of days when weather conditions allow to be outside for practical activities and instruction. Classes are divided into five topics - country, wildlife, approaches, equipment and activities. If weather conditions and availability cooperate, a lean-to camping experience allows students to earn a full 6 credits in the course.

Successful first year students are eligible to obtain their hunter education certification, enabling them to participate in hunting activities. Students who take the course for more than one year accept more responsibility in trip planning and have the opportunity to explore areas which are of particular interest to them. Participating students can obtain credit in the following:

Grade 10

  • WLD1010 Introduction to Wildlife

  • WLD1020 Wildlife Diversity

  • WLD1070 Hunting & Game Management Theory

  • WLD1080 Angling & Fish Management Theory

  • WLD1130 Outdoor Survival Skills

  • WLD2070 Hunting & Game Management Practice

Grade 11

  • WLD2020 Diversity of Wildlife Values

  • WLD2040 Wildlife Spaces & Species

  • WLD2060 Wildlife & Society

  • WLD2080 Angling & FIsh Management Practice

  • WLD2100 Outdoor Cooking Practice

Grade 12

  • WLD3020 Wildlife Protection & Stewardship

  • WLD3050 Wildlife Management Principles

  • WLD3090 Analyzing Issues in Wildlife

  • WLD3130 Outdoor Leadership

  • WLD3130 Introduction to Guiding